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The Blue Project

VR 360

The Blue Project is the place to learn and understand the difficulties faced by the refugees. Using a VR lens, you will be able to see (360 View) how a refugee lives in tent. Our aim is to give you a good understanding of what a displaced person goes through and tell you the ways you can help. 


Helping Refugees

The UN’s children’s charity is providing life-saving supplies such as clean water, medicine and mental support.

UNHCR is running camps that provide shelter and aid to refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon &  across Europe.

The IRC provides help in war zones and rescues the most vulnerable people affected by man made and natural disaster.

Doctors without borders provide life saving services to refugees, where most people have no access to healthcare.

Fighting Poverty 

CARE International provides vital support through your donations to the poorest communities worldwide.

Concern Worldwide provides food to the underprivileged and a £20 donation by you could save a life of a starving child.

The Edhi Foundation provides home, shelter, food, ambulances and healthcare to their community free of charge.

How We Contribute To Society

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