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5 Things You Should Never Do While Camping

1. Arriving After Dark.

Who doesn't like camping under the stars? Conversely, lying in your tent under the sky is different than setting up your camp from scratch at night. Arriving at your campsite at night can be dangerous and time consuming. Lack of natural light and some lurking uninvited creepy crawlies can create problems while setting up your camp.

2. Leaving Food Out.

What harm can a fruit basket cause when left unattended? Well if you like bears, monkeys or even tiny little pests sharing the same camp spot as you, then by all means leave your food unattended. If you like your personal space, then AVOID leaving food behind.

3. Not Bringing Warm Clothes For Your Trip.

Going for camping during summer is a great idea, BUT not packing warm clothes is a BAD idea. You should always pack warm clothes just in case if it rains or gets cold at night. Be prepared for anything. After all, you are up against nature.

4. Wandering The Nature Alone.

Okay, you might get too excited when you see all that nature around you and you MIGHT think it is a great idea to explore it all by yourself. However, getting lost in a forest or jungle is not as exciting as Bear Grylls makes it seem.

5. Not Cleaning Up When You Leave Your Campsite.

Now this one is important. Enjoying the great outdoors is what everybody needs to do once in their lifetime, but leaving your trash behind is just plain RUDE. Here is what you should do.

a. Dispose waste properly

b. Minimize campfire impact

c. Be considerate towards wildlife.

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