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PE vs Cotton vs Polycotton Fabric

Technology and consumer demand have changed the textile game altogether. If pure cotton is expensive for you, there are multiple options you can choose from to cater to your demand. One fabric can be moulded and changed into different products. Be it fashion, industrial, outdoor use or for other purposes.


PE Fabric

PE (Polyethylene Fabric) is a synthetic fabric, which means it is a man-made. It is durable and resistant to many chemicals. It is lightweight thus retains its shape well. It can be dried and washed easily making it a great outdoor product. It is also water-repellant fabric and is a highly affordable option to cover your items for short term use.


Cotton Canvas

Cotton Canvas Fabric is durable & sturdy. Because of its strength, manufacturers use canvas for a tough and vigorous finish like tents, shelters, sailing etc. When treated properly it is waterproof and fire-resistant. It can be easily blended with synthetic and natural fibres. The sky is the limit with this fabric.


Poly-Cotton Canvas

Poly-Cotton fabric is one part polyester and one part cotton. This combination gives the soft and moisture-absorbing properties from cotton, with durable & stretchable properties of polyester. Making it a great fashion and home textile product.


This table will further help you with your textile fabrics

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