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Controlling The Temperature of Your Tent

The most frequently asked question about camping or living in a tent for a few days is how to control the temperature of your tent. No one wants to wake up sweating, feeling uncomfortable after sunrise. But fear not. There are some tips and tricks that you can do to lower the temperature of your tent.

Shut out Infrared Light

While setting up your camp make sure you create shade for your tent. Your best bet will be under a tree or use a P.E tarpaulin over your tent. P.E tarpaulin will help you with rainfall and will lower the temperature inside your tent. You can use our PE Top Tent that is made for exactly this purpose.


Our tents are equipped with good ventilation system. Other than having large windows, doors and cones in our tents, our ventilation system has mosquito nets and flaps that is used to create shade for your camp and keeps bugs away.

Shade Net Roof

Shade nets are an under-rated product. Place it over your tent and it will lower the temperature by 10 degree Celsius. Buying a separate shade net will be your wisest decision. It is efficient and has a long shelf life. Which means you can use it for a long time for other purposes aswell. Our relief tents such as the Self Standing Tent & Relief Frame Tent are equipped with shade net to lower temperatures.

Black-out Fabrics

If hot temperature makes you uncomfortable then ask your supplier to use black out fabric for your tent. The fabric is an opaque material which is layered between two fabrics and will block sunlight and harmful UV rays from entering your tent. It is best for weekend festivals, weddings, ceremonies, corporate events etc. You can check our Textile Products and see which fabric suits your need. We can use any colour fabric in the middle.


This information is not only for campers but also for NGO’s who are responsible for refugee camps around the world.

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