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Best Summer Camping Locations In The World!

Updated: May 15, 2019

Summer is here and so is our travel bug. If you are a travel junky with an adventurous streak, love for camping and a fun outdoorsy person, then this blog might help you plan your summer vacation.

Whether you like camping at the beach or in the forest, like trekking up in the mountains or feel like Hanging on to a tree then look no further. We have picked out the best camping sites from around the world just for your convenience.

Corcovado National Park (Costa Rica)

Visiting Corcovado National park should be in every backpacker’s bucket list. This park encompasses 13 major ecosystems, you can spot an endangered species like jaguars, Red-backed squirrel monkeys, Macaws etc. You can relax by beaches, take a swim in the Waterfalls and explore the rainforest. The camping site near the ranger station is grassy and well drained.

P.S: Watch out for crocodiles and hammerhead sharks in the water, Africanized bees and mosquitoes in the forest.

Miyajima (Japan)

From Hiroshima take a boat to Miyajima (a small island in Japan). The island has a beautiful beach and forest. You can rent cabins or bring your own tents. Villages and Temples are very close by as well. You can be close to nature and enjoy the calm village life. Take your family and friends there and enjoy the authentic Japanese culture. The absolute best part is the friendly deers who roam around the island peacefully.

Maasai Mara National Reserve (Kenya)

This place should be visited by every travel enthusiast at least once in their lifetime. There are 7 camp sites in Maasai Mara National Reserve that you can enjoy. The best part of this reserve is certainly their Safari. Their hot air balloon ride is an amazing experience as well. It is one of the most adventurous and exotic camp sites and the Masai people are absolutely welcoming and incredibly friendly.

Lake Myvatn (Iceland)

Lake Myvatn is one of Iceland’s best tourist destination. It is full of active volcano sites, national geographic features, and is home to different species of exotic birds. Camp here for at least 2 days and enjoy the geographical benefits this place has to offer.

Jasper National Park (Alberta, Canada):

Jasper National Park comprises of a vast wilderness area that is defined by glaciers, mountains, waterfalls and lakes. It is also a world heritage site. This park is a treat for everyone. Trekking, hiking, fishing, hot showers or just relaxing are one of the activities this park has to offer.


What To Pack:

Lightweight Tent: Depending on the location you are travelling, you can choose between and Parachute Tent or a Cotton Canvas Tent. There a number of options in the Canvas Tent department that you can choose from and you can check our camping range here.

Blanket: A medium or high thermal blanket would be suitable for camping. Depending on the weather of your location, you can choose a medium or a high thermal blanket.

Sleeping Bag: You will need a good quality sleeping bag that will keep you cosy in the summer and give you a good nights rest. A two or three layer sleeping bag would be sufficiently comfortable for the outdoors.

Survival Essentials: Taking kitchen and utensil sets, a flashlight, a handy Swiss Army Knife and a hygiene kit could be greatly useful for your camping trip.

These camping locations + our essential camping equipment would make your summer the best one yet.
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