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Different Types of Refugee & Disaster Relief Tents

With the highest levels of refugee displacement on record, the world looks towards mobile shelter solutions for people without a place called home. This is where Paramount Tarpaulin Industries comes in. We provide a number of shelter and refugee tents around the world. Today we will discuss the top 5 tents that can be used for housing refugees and people affected by natural disasters.


UNHCR Family Tent

Family Tent, UNHCR Tent, Refugee Tent
UNHCR Family Tent - Created For Refugees

The UNHCR Family tent is currently one of the most used refugee tent. It has an outer tent size of 6.60 x 4.00 Meters and a living space of 16sqm, which given plenty of room to store belongings. It can sleep up-to 5 people at a time and is perfect for a family. It also has a partition provided for privacy and two long windows for adequate air.

Furthermore, the UNHCR Family Tent is made in Poly Cotton Fabric. This gives the tent the strength of polyester and the openness of cotton. There is sufficient ventilation on the top of the tent + it has accessories to hang clothes and other items.

The UNHCR Family Tent is waterproof, rot proof and it also has the option of fire retardancy. In winters, Paramount Tarpaulin Industries can also provide you with the Family Tent Winterization Kit which includes an extra Inner Lining, Insulated Sleeping Mats and UNHCR Approved Blankets.

This is the video of the UNHCR Family Tent in VR 360 Degree. You can check each and every aspect of the tent using VR Goggles or by just using your phone.


Ridge Tent

Now the Ridge Tent is a classic relief tent with a design that has been tried and tested for centuries. With just two poles holding the tent up, it gives the refugees enough space to sleep and carry out day to day activities. This tent has a size of 4.00 x 4.00 Meters and has four windows, which provide sufficient ventilation.

The Ridge Tent is a classic refugee tent made in 100% Cotton Canvas. You also have an option for an outer fly which gives extra protection in rain. It is waterproof and fire retardancy is optional. You also have the option of putting a dyed layer of canvas on the inside of the tent, which makes it’s design more appealing.


Self Standing Family Tent

Self Standing Tent, Family Tent, Round Tent, Shade Net Tent
Self Standing Family Tent - UNHCR Type

The Self Standing Family Tent is a new design created for refugees around world. This relief tent has a dome design, which means that each area of the tent is usable by the refugees. The tent has a diameter of 3.90 Meters with a height of 1.90 Meters. The Self Standing Tent also has four windows on the sides and ventilation on the top of the tent.

The Self Standing Family Tent is made out of two layers of fabric. The first fabric (outer) is made out of PE Fabric and the second fabric (Inner) is made out of cotton fabric. It also has a shade net to provide cover from the sun. Both fabrics are Fire Retardant and the outer fabric (PE) is Water Repellent as well.

The Self Standing Family Tent (Dome Design) has aluminium poles which are created to resist high speed winds. Furthermore, the system of the tent is such that it can be picked up and moved easily even after setting it up.

This is the video of the Self Standing Family Tent in VR 360 Degree. You can check each and every aspect of the tent using VR Goggles or by just using your phone.


Multipurpose Tent

Multipurpose Tent, Relief Tent, Frame Tent, ICRC Tent, UNHCR Tent
Multipurpose Tent - For Refugees & Aid Centres

As the name suggest, the Multipurpose Tent carries multiple uses. It can used as a place of refuge, as a school, as a mobile hospital or as a rec centre for the refugees. The Multipurpose Tent is available in different sizes, ranging from 24sqm to 72 sqm. It is made in Polycotton Fabric and has a frame structure instead of poles.

The windows and ventilation differ, depending upon the size of the Multipurpose Tent. It has two doors plus there is an option to put two extra doors on the side. The doors also provide shade, as they can be erected using the extra poles provided.

This Multipurpose Refugee Tent is easy to erect and the fabric provides good water & fire reppelancy. This ICRC designed tent also has a high centre height of 3.00 Meters. The frame is also made with Aluminum to make it lightweight.



Blanket, Relief Blanket, Winter Blanket, UNHCR Blanket
UNHCR Medium Thermal Blanket

The shelter and refugee tents provided by Paramount Tarpaulin Industries can be accompanied by the accessories we manufacture. We manufacture Low, Medium & High Thermal Blankets for refugees and IDPs. They are made according to the specs provided by UNHCR and the different weight options allows the blankets to be used in summers and in winters.

We also provide Insulated Thermal Sleeping Mat which is ideal for harsh winter conditions. It has three layers including mat, aluminised canvas and medium thermal blanket. It can be folded easily in a small bundle and is Fire Retardant as well.

We further provide Emergency Shelter Kits, PE Tarpaulin, Hygiene Kits, Kitchen Sets and Mosquito Nets for emergencies. It can be used by people all around the world and we keep ready stock at all times to counter the natural and man made disasters around the world.

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