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How To Stay Safe During Natural Disasters

The threat of harsh hurricanes, heavy rainfalls, disastrous earthquakes or volcanic eruption is increasing day by day. The force of our natural disasters is getting stronger and more lethal. So here is what you can do to keep yourself safe if you are in the MIDDLE of a disaster.


Stay Indoors. We cannot stress this point enough. During a hurricane or a storm, please stay inside and never leave your safe place unless there is a fire or an emergency.

If the house shows signs of collapsing then stay under a table or a sturdy closet till the hurricane passes.

If your glass windows are not protected then place a large object in front of it to save yourself from splintering glass.

Listen to the radio for weather updates.



Duck. Find yourself a sturdy furniture like a desk or a table. If you can’t find furniture around you then just DROP on the floor.

Cover: Once you drop on the floor or hide under a desk make sure you are in a ball position. Cover your neck or your head properly.

Hold On: While covering your neck with one hand, hold on to the desk firmly. If the desk moves due to severe shaking, move with it while you hold on to it.


Volcanic Eruptions

Cover ventilation openings be it windows, doors, fireplace etc

Turn off air conditioners, heaters, fans to keep the ash and gases from coming into your house.

Wear goggles and keep yourself covered.

If you are outside then seek shelter indoors.

Volcanic ash is hazardous so avoid it at all times.


The most important tool to survive disasters is to remain CALM. It is hard for people to not panic in such situations but a clear head and some precautions might save your life.

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