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The Impact of Plastic Pollution & How We Can Help

Have you ever wondered about how you as an individual have contributed to the environment? If you haven’t then please breathe and let all the carbon dioxide out (let’s give ourselves a point for this because CO2 helps the plants to live).

Did you know that all the plastic bags we are using for our convenience is taking a toll on the environment. They are in our oceans, our streets and everywhere you can imagine (Yes, even there!).

The Facts

  • Humans use 1 trillion plastic bags each year, which is 10 times the number of stars in our entire Galaxy. Imagine a sky full of plastic, where the shine of the stars are gone and all we can see is the pollution caused by us.

  • Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of animals die each year because of the plastic pollution we are causing. This is an impact that we can not recover from if we continue our way of life

  • Also, plastic isn’t biodegradable. It takes between 10 to 20 years for plastic bags to break down, but tiny pieces of plastic may never really go away. They can impact more than 15 of our generations.

Let that sink in! Well the plastic can’t so let the facts sink in.

How We Can Help

Even with all of our negative impacts in the past, we can still help our environment by using the simple 3R Rule.

Reduce - Refuse - Reuse

Reduce the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives. Maybe we don’t need a plastic bag for our sandwich, maybe we use a lunchbox instead.

Refuse to consume products with single product or excess packing. Furthermore, creating enough demand and awareness may help us to eliminate excess plastic use.

Reuse the cloth bag we bought at a store that one time, instead of using a plastic bag everytime. Reuse glass or metallic bottles rather than buying a plastic bottle whenever we feel thirsty.

It’s these little things that change the world for the betterment of us and our future generation. Let’s help the Ecosystem one step at a time and increase awareness by starting a conversation.

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