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Your Ultimate Spring Camping Guide

Spring is finally here with all its glory. The trees are getting greener, flowers are blooming and nature is doing its finest work. That cool breeze in the air, the warm sunshine, and the natural colours of mother earth make you want to get closer to nature.

Here are a few tips that can help you with your spring camping.

Three Season Tent

Pack a three season tent: Springtime brings a lot of surprises. The weather can change within hours, so it’s best to be prepared when it comes to shelter. Our personal favourite is our ‘Round - Self Standing Camping Tent’. It is lightweight, can handle snowfall, rain and is also wind resistant. You can see other options for three season tents in our Camping Tent section.


Waterproof Kit-Bag

Get a water-resistant Kit-bag: We can't stress this enough! Spring camping can get a little wet. Buy a kit bag that is waterproof, made of 100% cotton canvas and one that is durable.


Sleeping Bag

Buy a comfortable Sleeping Bag. A nylon sleeping bag will be ideal for such conditions. Make sure it has 3 layers of fabric to keep you cosy if the night gets cold. You should also carry a blanket for that little bit of extra protection.


Bug Protection

Protect yourself from bugs. Bugs are everywhere whether we like it or not. Take mosquito sprays with you, avoid short sleeve t-shirts and bring a mosquito net for your sleeping bag. You can also choose to buy a tent with a mosquito mesh net on windows and doors.


Food & Hydration

Hydrate yourself and get plenty of food. Now you don’t need an excuse for a fantastic outdoor barbeque and keeping a good supply of food is always a good option. Just keep an eye out for wild animals that may smell something good and might want a taste.


These tips will help you be prepared for Spring Time camping so pack your bags, cover properly and head out to your favourite spot for a weekend getaway. Let the trail be your guide, stars & moon your company and nature your inspiration.

Happy Camping!
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